FPS Aim Training Game/Program

I like Overwatch, but I also hate it, because I’m not very good at it. So after another relatively frustrating evening with it, I decided to look up youtube videos on how to improve my game. One of the first results was a video that suggested using silly little 2 flash games where you have to randomly click on some appearing targets with your mouse on a 2d plane. I tried that out for a bit and felt like there could be a better solution to the problem.

One day later… and I’ve made a little program (or game if you want to stretch the definition) that has regular FPS controls, a ton of customisable variables you can change, that determine everything about the targets being presented to you, and a few nifty statistics that tell you how well you did in the challenge you gave yourself.

I also added some more unusual features, like the ability to change the background of the targets to various camouflage patterns to make it harder to spot targets, if that’s something you want to work on instead of just reflexively moving your aim to obvious targets.

Partially another reason why I wanted to have something like this to accurately measure and test my aim was because I recently acquired a Steam Controller and I’m curious on how well I’d do with that compared to a mouse. As well as tweaking the settings of my controller to give me the best results. It’s so much better to have some sort of data to work with instead of just going by feel and trying to guess, which one is actually better for me.

Anyhow, download link coming right up.

*Click me to go to the download page!*


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