Age of Snowmpires

Another Unreal game jam done in December 2016. This time the theme was “Snowball Effect”, which provided the perfect idea for me to try to challenge myself and make an RTS and of course to learn what to do and what not to do for any future projects I could be thinking about. The name is a joke on “Age of Empires” and is slightly awkward to say.

I tried thinking about the core features of what an RTS needs and tried programming them first, but it was all relatively simple to do, so I kept adding things I never intended to add at the start, like control groups, building waypoints, moving into formations, building rotations and some other stuff.

At the start I was going to go for a cutesy cheerful sort of art style, but while modeling the characters, I felt that the huge dead eyes with their thousand-yard stare felt more creepy than cute, so I tweaked them to bring it out more. Game jams are more of a spontaneous exercise for me anyway, going with the flow rather than having ideas set in stone to begin with.

For the sound design, I wanted to embrace the idea of making it creepy. I gave the characters two voice lines, being “Yes?” and “Yes.” so they’d sound more like creepy cultists. For the music, I went with a harp track, that has a repeating bass line and somewhat eerie melody line with some dissonant notes to bring out the feeling of there being something slightly wrong. Very happy with how it turned out, together with the almost chanting “Yes” lines from the characters, it gives the exact mood I wanted to the game.

Anyway, here’s a video of the game:

And here’s a download link: Click me!



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